3 Tell-tale Signs It Is Time To Change Your Water Purifier's Filters

A lot of items in your home make it pretty clear when they need to be replaced. Your chair leg broke off. Light bulbs burn out. Plates are still dirty after washing.

Your water purifier’s filters isn’t as obvious, though. As long as the water runs when you turn on the faucet, you assume everything is working fine. Here are 3 tell-tale signs that your water purifier’s filters are in need of a change.

Water Flow Rate Slowing Down

You may notice that your water purifier is producing slower than normal water pressure. This may be a sign your filters have become clogged and need changing.

Clogged filters occur because of debris in the water pipes. Rusty pipes, sediment in water lines are always one of the main causes for the clogging in your filters.

High Number Of Litres Used

This one is a bit of a no-brainer, but if your water purifier in your household is being used heavily then you will burn through the filters a lot faster.

If for example you have a large family using the water purifier daily, then it will be based on the number of litres used and NOT the number of months it is expected to last.

Filter Indicator Blinking

Not every water purifier has a filter indicator. If you happen to use one like our V Series, it will be equipped with an in-built filter indicator telling you your filters’ lifespan.

When it is time to change your filters, your filter indicator will be blinking aggressively and telling you to replace them. It will automatically sense your filters optimum quality level and let you know whether it hits the number of litres used OR number of months expected to last.

How Often Should It Be Replaced?

In general, not changing your water purifier’s filters when it is time means that your water purifier will stop working at optimum capacity, and eventually might stop doing its job altogether. However, you also don’t want to change it prematurely to optimise your filters fully. As long as you are using Ruhens’ water purifiers, we will remember your filters’ lifespan dates for you! We will give you a call 1-2 weeks before your filters expected end date to check on you and arrange a servicing if need be. So sit back and enjoy your water purifier to the fullest without having to worry about all these little things.

If you still have any queries about water purifier’s filters and their lifespan, please feel free to contact us here. We are always a message or a call away!

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