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5 Valuable Uses of purified water you might not know

5 Reasons Why Water Purifier Sales Have Tripled In Singapore Over The Past 5 Years
5 Valuable Uses of Purified Water You Might Not Know
Having purified water right at the click of a button was once considered a luxury but leading edge technology has made it accessible for thousands of households today.
How To Clean and Maintain Your Water Purifier
To ensure you keep getting clean and safe drinking water, it is important to clean and maintain your water purifier.
Does Your Shower Hose Look Like This? Normal Shower Hose VS Ruhens Anti-Bacterial Shower Hose
Take a look at your shower hose in your bathroom. Does it look like this?
3 Tell-tale Signs It Is Time To Change Your Water Purifier’s Filters
A lot of items in your home make it pretty clear when they need to be replaced.
3 Reasons Why You Need Scented Filtered Shower Heads
Did You Know: in Singapore’s PUB waterworks, our tap water is treated and disinfected using chlorine.