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Product Specifications

V Series


World 1st pasteurisation technology integrated in a tankless hot & cold water purifier. Forget about contamination or dirty parts that will compromise your drinking water. Alkaline and Non-Alkaline options available

Dispenses up to 5 temperatures

Removable hygiene guard makes cleaning simple for enhanced hygiene.


5 Different Temperature Selection
Instantly dispenses 5 temperatures at a touch of a button. 4°C cold water, 20°C – room temperature, 40°C – warm water, 70°C – best temperature to sterilise baby bottles, 87°C – hot water
Adjustable & Removable Nozzle
Easily remove the nozzle for easy self maintenance & adjustable nozzle for flexible height allowance for dispensing
UV-C Sterilization
Sterilizes the nozzle every 1 hour for 10 minutes using UV-C LED
Filter Change Indicator
Reminds when to change the necessary filter periodically to ensure high quality drinking water at all times
Eco Mode
Reduces power consumption by 30%, helping you conserve more energy.
Quantity Control
Allows you to choose pre-set quantity at 120ml, 550ml, 1500ml and also manually dispense your desired quantity.
Safety Child Lock
Locks touch panel to prevent any accidental dispense which may cause hazards especially hot water

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powered by cutting edge filtration system

Carbon Filter
Reduces sediment particles and absorbs some harmful organic chemicals such as chlorine, bad taste and odour. The filter contains Mg fine particles and the pH of the water passing through this element will turn alkaline.
PLUS Filter
Removes water contaminants such as waterborne micro-organisms, bacteria and also noro viruses by Cellulose Nano Fiber.

Product Specifications

Model No.



Product Weight

13.7 kg

Tank Capacity

Hot Tank Capacity


Cold Tank Capacity




AC 220-240V / 50HZ

Motor Consumption


Cold Water Consumption


Hot Water Consumption


Dimensions (in MM)

1. Is installation & delivery inclusive in the price stated?
Yes, installation & delivery is free, regardless of how complex the installation is

2. Do you have alkaline & non-alkaline option
Yes, we do have both options. Do indicate during checkout which option you prefer

3. What do we need to prepare for installation?
An inlet water point & electrical point is required for installation. V-series do not require water outlet as it does not waste water when dispensing water

4. Does it need to be near the water point?
No, the V-series doesn’t have to be near your water point, we can connect it via various water points in your home (under kitchen sink water point, washing machine water point, stand alone water point). Most importantly, a power point must be at least 1.2m from where V-series is installed.

5. If drilling of the counter-top is required for installation, what type of material can be drilled?
We can drill all types of counter-top material except glass

6. Do you provide site assessment / product demonstration at home?
Yes, we do provide non-obligation product demo at the place of your convenience with our mobile showroom or even in the comfort of your own home. Do contact us here if you want to book an appointment for home product demonstration. Alternatively, we have 2 studios available to visit & understand more about the V-series

7. Do you have trade-in or upgrade programme?
Yes, we have trade-in programmes for both existing Ruhens customers & non-Ruhens customers. Do contact us here to know more about the programme we are offering.

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