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Product Specifications

PuriMax Pitcher
Obtaining quality drinking water was never, Ruhens PuriMax Pitcher purifies your water with premium 4-stage filtration without the use of electricity.



4 Stage Maxclean Filter Solution
The 4-step Maxclean filter optimized for water quality, it removes substances such as dust and floating materials, odors, heavy metals, and limescale. Also, it can be washed separately, so it boasts excellent hygiene. It removes chlorine up to 95%.
Economical Option For Purified Water
It is economical compared to bottled water because there is no additional cost except for the cost of purchasing the original product and the annual filter! The effective amount of purified water is also 300L, and the filter replacement cycle is up to 2 months, so it is very economical.
Filter Replacement Indicator
The smart timer function checks the filter replacement cycle, so you don’t have to worry about missing the replacement time.
High Mobility
Easily filter water as you travel with the jug pitcher (with a 3.8 litres capacity)

Product Specifications

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