Lian Mei Ting

Lian Mei Ting


Ever since we’ve installed @ruhenssg in our household at the start of this year, we’ve all been enjoying better & cleaner water. I love the convenience of not having to boil water anymore & Ruhens water purifier ensures the highest level of hygiene. I cannot imagine not having it in our lives now. We use it in our daily lives for cooking, drinking & preparing Kayla’s milk. There’s a new model launched & it’s super slim & aesthetically pleasing to the eyes. Head over to @ruhenssg to find out more! #ruhenssg

Clara Chan

Clara Chan


I have just recently moved into my new place and one of the best decision I’ve made is installing @ruhenssg water purifier. It provides my loved ones with clean and safe drinking water. In addition, it is SO SO SO convenient. It is able to dispense in 3 fixed amount of water (120ml, 550ml, 1500ml) or you can simply press and hold to dispense your desired amount. It’s also able to dispense in 5 temperatures from cold to hot. There’s even 40 degree setting which is perfect for making baby formula milk and hot water is always ready. No need for boiling anymore! 🥳 I love it! It’s so fuss free. And there’s a built-in child lock for the safety of your little ones.
Maintenance of the machine is also easy as it has automated sterilisation & filter change indicator to remind you when it’s time to change filters.
Really the best choice to have this installed! 😍

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Gwen Teo

Gwen Teo


One of the best health decision I have ever made for my family was getting @ruhenssg water purifier installed last year! We’ve been enjoying not just clean and safe drinking water but at the same time reaping comfort, convenience and peace of mind with just a touch of a button! What I love best about @ruhenssg’s water purifier on top of its sleek and aesthetically pleasing design is its ability to dispense up to 5 temperatures all in an instant and its built-in child lock safety to prevent unnecessary accidents by toddlers!

Other much sought after salient features include:
✔ Quality Control (dispenses a fixed amount of water automatically - 120ml, 550ml, 1500ml)
✔ Adjustable & Removable Faucet (to keep it clean)
✔ Eco Mode (helps reduce power consumption by at least 70%)
✔ Automated Sterilisation (water dispenser cleans itself with UV lamp)
✔ Filter Change Indicator (reminds you when you have to change filters so you don’t have to worry about not having the most optimal filtered water)
✔ Ease of Filter Change (filter can easily be replaced at home without any professional help)

Exclusively for the month of March, purchase selected @ruhenssg water purifier (including this one - WHP-3000) and receive a free Ruhens air purifier (WHA-500), whilst stocks last! #ruhens #ruhenssingapore

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