Introducing The 

RUHENS Standard Service

Customer service held to the highest standard of excellence


Be it anywhere or anyone, Ruhens offers its Standard Service which is standardised throughout all teams in the world and held to the highest standard of excellence. Our promise? To provide healthy and trustworthy water through our products using Ruhens’ unique advanced technology.

Meet Our Experts


A Ruhens Service Specialist who will assist you in choosing the water purifier that best fits your daily needs and concerns.

  • Inbuilt Hygiene System

  • Accident Prevention Safety Device

  • Energy Saving Function

  • Versatile Features


Ruhens Master

Ruhens’ highly skilled technician in charge of installing and repairing of all Ruhens products.

  • Product Maintenance

  • Steam Sterilization

  • Filter Change

  • Filter Flushing

  • Tubing Change

  • Hygiene Guard Cleaning

Introducing our Clean Care Service

We take pride in our fast and efficient after-sale service. With a designated call centre, our support team will attend to all servicing, repair and installation queries.


From product development to service installation

Ruhens provides a one-stop solution with the latest technologies at reasonable prices. We are rated the top export company that has built a seamless service system from in-house production, sales and management of all our filters and water purifiers, to providing top notch after-sales customer service care.


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