Adjustable & Removable Hygiene Guard
Filter Change Indicator
UV LED to Sterilize Outlet
Cold Temperature: 4°C
Ambient Temperature: 27°C
Hot Temperature: 40, 60, 87°C

Product specifications

Model Number

Cold Water Consumption

Net weight

WHP 3000

Power Consumption

Hot Water Consumption


AC 220-240V / 50HZ
514mm(D) x 432mm(H) x 160mm(W)

Motor Consumption


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Ever since we’ve installed @ruhenssg in our household at the start of this year, we’ve all been enjoying better & cleaner water. I love the convenience of not having to boil water anymore & Ruhens water purifier ensures the highest level of hygiene.
Don’t let the days go by, where you don’t smile and hug each other ~ 👰🏻🤵🏼 We try to spend to some time together each morning before heading off for work and ever since we installed @ruhenssg, our morning rendezvous is usually right by the dispenser having our drinks! ❤️ We update each other on plans for the day and reminders on errands to run.
I have just recently moved into my new place and one of the best decision I’ve made is installing @ruhenssg water purifier. It provides my loved ones with clean and safe drinking water. In addition, it is SO SO SO convenient. It is able to dispense in 3 fixed amount of water.
Pretty in (bubblegum) pink is my new water purifier from @ruhenssg which can dispense water of 5 different temperatures! Ambient or room temperature water, cold water at 4deg, 3 temperatures of hot water - 40deg, 60deg and 87deg. You’ll be happy to know that there’s also an Eco mode, allowing us to reduce our power consumption by 30%!
Introducing the newest member of my family — the Ruhens V Water Purifier! With up to 5 temperatures available, including temperatures specifically for milk, tea and coffee, it’s not only loved by me, but also the husband and Eliya! Be it ❄️ or 🔥 water, it’s available all day, instantly.
This is how I look like when I take water everyday 🙂 Really. Loving my @ruhenssg V Water Purifier, been using it at my office so of course we need one at our new place!!! On top of it being filtered & clean, it's super convenient 'cause I can get hot & cold water instantly~ No need to boil water for morning tea anymore 😩🙏 #ruhenssg #ruhenssingapore #WHP3000
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