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Product Specifications

Water Electrolyser
“Make-Your-Own” Sterilizing Fluid that is Tested Effective against Covid-19, and FDA Approved to Keep the Young Ones Safe.



3 Modes of Sterilization
Only 1 to 3 minutes required to electrolyse the water with 3 different modes to choose from. (Low – Deodorise, Medium – Cleaning, High – Sanitise)
Safety Control Technology
Automatically stop electrolyzing when it reaches more the 200ppm
Energy Saving
Automatically switch off the power after 60 seconds
Micro-bubbled size electrolyzed water for efficient cleaning/deodorizing
Eliminates up to 99% viruses, germs & bacteria. Can be used on toys, furnitures, shoes and almost everything in the house
Hypochlorous Acid
Produces hypochlorous acid which has strong antimicrobial properties which is very effective in cleaning & sanitising. At the same time, safe to use on anything due to no chemical present
Safe & Organic
Kids and pets-friendly, alcohol & BPA-free so children can use it safely

Product Specifications

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