Replacement Filters

Replacement Filters


Warranty: 1 Year


What’s in the box

1 x Sediment + Pre-Carbon Combi Filter, 1 x UF + Alkaline Combi Filter

Sediment + Pre-Carbon

This combination filter reduces sediment particles such as dirt and sand of a micron size and absorbs some of harmful organic chemicals from feed water.
Made by Kuraray,

UF + Alkaline

This combination filter removes contaminants from water such as waterborne micro-organisms and harmful organic chemicals and etc. This filter also absorbs some of harmful organic chemicals such as chlorine and VOC s pesticides and reduces the bad taste and odors.
Manufactured in
This set of water filters can last you up to 18 months, based on an average family of 3-4 adults drinking daily. Please note that this duration will vary & differ depending on the amount of water consumed daily