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What are Water Filters and how do they work?

Using water filters can help reduce the number of contaminants in your water. But what are the different types of water filters and what do they do? Below, we will explain more about water filters and help you understand how our water filters work.

What are Water Filters?

Water filters remove unwanted particles from water such as sediment, taste and odour, hardness and bacteria to result in better quality water. Water filters can be very effective at removing a range of contaminants from water, but what water filters remove actually depends on the type of filter you’re using.

There is really no one single water filter that can remove everything from water, but by using a combination of different filters, you can have a filtering system that gives you almost nothing but purified water.

How Do They Work?

Singapore's tap water is clean & perfectly safe to drink, however, there may be unpleasant tastes and odours in water from chemicals such as chlorine which are used to disinfect the water and keep it free of germs and bacteria. Also, due to water pipes being used over the years, sediment or rust will accumulate in them over time, causing your water to brown or discolour. Brown water happens because rust becomes dislodged from the water pipes and finds its way into your home water supply.

Water filters work as a physical barrier that can block or trap debris (for example sand) and sometimes bacteria from passing through. No filter eliminates all contaminants, so understanding what filters do and do not do is important.

What Filters Do Ruhens Use?

For Ruhens, we uses the world-recognised 4-stage filtration system that purifies fine heavy metals and bacteria, and create healthy and fresh water with essential minerals.

Sediment Filter is the first filter and the first stage of our renowned water filtration system. It removes contaminants that are more than 5 microns, such as sand, rust, dust and debris.

Pre-carbon Filter is the second stage of our water filtration system, it absorbs harmful organic chemicals such as chlorine, odour and bad taste in water.

Third stage of our water filtration system uses our NanoFact Filter, which removes water contaminants such as waterborne micro-organisms and bacterial virus by Cellulose Nano Fiber.

The last and final stage of our water filtration system uses our Alkaline Filter. It improves

the taste of water by removing any remaining chlorine, bad odour and harmful gas components remaining in the water. It also changes the water into mild alkaline water. This filter can also be replaced by Post-Carbon Block Filter which is the non-alkaline option.


Maintenance is the key to keeping that system working efficiently. That means routine filter changes by yourself or by our trained product technicians. All our filters have an estimated duration for their lifespan, however, the duration of your filters will vary & differ slightly depending on the amount of water consumed daily and the number of users using them.

For more information on our water filters and how our water purifiers work, feel free to contact us here.