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Get a Whole New Experience with Ruhens' Mobile Showroom!

Buying a Water Purifier? Get a Whole New Experience with Ruhen’s Mobile Showroom!

Fancy a pop-up store with an immersive shopping experience and engaging environment for you to try out your products first hand? Why not a mobile showroom then – as Ruhens literally brings our brand promise to you: To provide healthy and trustworthy water using Ruhens’ unique advanced technology.

Trying it out is just a call away

There is no need to get out of your comfort zone anymore. Ruhens will bring the water purifiers to you, for you to make a well-informed decision of what kind of water to drink everyday… in the comfort of your own home. Live in the moment and connect with Ruhens Service Specialists who will take you on a journey through the different models and advise which is the most suitable for you and your home. You no longer have to FOMO (to have the fear of missing out) simply because the Ruhens mobile showroom is only one call away!  You can now shop for a water purifier right at your doorstep instead of making a trip all the way down to a water purifier showroom. With a wide range of models for you to choose from, Ruhens indulges you with all its products, allowing you test out all models for quality assurance too. Not sure if the one that caught your eye will look good in your home? Simply bring it up to your home for a test to see if it sits in perfectly with your home interior design! (Psst, it’s a high chance that it will!)

Seeing is believing, but tasting is double confirming! Taste it for yourself, feel the different temperatures, and toggle with the live functions of a working water dispenser rather than just browsing through the outlook of a display model. Make finishing touches to your home bar and kitchen with a Ruhens water purifier that’s perfect for the day to day life! Enough said. Sit back, relax, and dial 9181 7590 to enjoy your Ruhens Mobile Showroom visit and home tour today. 

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