Slick, 4-Stage HEPA Air Purifier

Easy-to-use, Continual Clean and Pure air

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Auto Mode 

Automatic Air Volume Mode

It automatically changes the air volume by comprehensive data from the Dust Sensor.

Activates with 3-Stages of Clarity

Good (Blue) - Stage 1

Normal (Green) - Stage 2

Bad (Yellow)/Very Bad (Red) - Stage 3

Filter Replacement

Notifies the appropriate filter replacement time

When it is time to replace the filter, 

the indicator turns on.

Filter Replacement Cycle

The Filter Replacement Cycle is from 6 months to a year when used 24 hours a day. The life of the filter can be shortened depending on the pollution level.

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Get Intuitive Feedback On Your Air Quality

Ambient Blue

Safe Green

Wary Yellow

Warning Red


Powered By The 4-Stage Air Purification System

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