Why Water Purifiers Are Getting Popular in Modern Households

In today’s modern households, the traditional way of boiling water over a gas stove just doesn’t cut it anymore. With better technology in the recent years, having access to purified water has never been more convenient.

Here are some reasons why water purifiers are getting popular in modern households and why you should consider investing in a water purifier for your home!

Good For Your Health

While it’s indeed safe to drink straight from the tap in Singapore, there are often still trace amounts of chemicals like chlorine, lead and mercury that don’t go away even after bubbling it at 100°C. Using a water purifier helps to further improve the overall water quality for your family, removing sediment particles, harmful organic chemicals and water contaminants such as waterborne micro-organisms and bacteria in the process.

Drinking purified water also helps you detox and flush out all the unwanted toxins from your body. Not only is it a safe and organic way to cleanse your system, it aids in preventing dehydration and makes your skin look brighter, younger and healthier.


Water purifiers in the past can only dispense ambient temperature water. With improved technology over the years, water purifiers now comes in multi-temperature settings. Using water purifiers like our Ruhens V, you can freely control the desired temperatures to dispense purified water at any time of the day – hot, cold or in between – without the hassle of cooling or heating water.

Whether you need a hot cup of coffee, a warm glass of milk or a cold thirst-quencher, it’s easily accessible with just a touch of a button.

Cutting-Edge Functions

On top of offering unlimited supply of purified water and multi-temperatures settings, a water purifier like the Ruhens V also comes with many other functions. Equipped with quantity volume control, dispense exactly the right amount of hot or cold water for your favourite glass, jug or bottle.

A child safety lock to prevent any unnecessary accidents, UV Automated Sterilization to help clean its nozzle after each use, Power-Saving Eco Mode and even a Filter Indicator to notify you whenever the filters are due.

Sleek Design

Bigger isn’t always better. In modern households, many homeowners are opting for smaller, more compact appliances to save space on their valuable countertop room. Especially when you get water purifiers like our Ruhens V, with only 16cm slim width, it’s a great addition to any modern minimalist kitchen setting.

Save The Environment, Save Your Wallet

Instead of buying hundreds bottled water, why not reduce your plastic waste and do your part for the environment by switching to a water purifier? Using a water filtration system at home is not only an eco-friendly way, it can help you save enormous amounts of money, all the while letting you enjoy purified drinking water. In addition, having a water purifier like the Ruhens V that has Power Saving Eco Mode, it allows you save electricity consumption by 30%.

Hassle-free, efficacious and cost-saving, the Ruhens V ensures that you have a high performing water purifier that is fitting in modern households – so raise a glass, and drink up!

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