Lazy To Head Out? We Bring The Showroom To You!

Ever heard of a water purifier mobile showroom? Think a pop-up store with water purifiers for you to try first hand – and it comes to you! Here are some reasons you should consider booking our Ruhens Mobile Showroom!

Singapore’s First And Only Water Purifier Mobile Showroom

When the Covid-19 situation escalated in January 2020, we had to think out of the box to continue to bring our products demonstrations to our customers. That’s when we activated our mobile showroom, bringing onboard series of Ruhens water purifiers in a moving van, where customers can also touch, feel and try out the different temperature water dispensed from our various models.

Currently, the Ruhens Mobile Showroom still remains as the first and only water purifier mobile Showroom in Singapore and continues to be a staple choice for our customers to view our products.

Showroom Right At Your Doorstep

If you find it too far to travel down to our water purifier retail showroom, shop for one right at your doorstep! Our mobile showroom is able to travel to any parts of Singapore, literally bringing the showroom right at your doorstep, or at least the nearest carpark of your home.

Not sure if the the water purifier will look good in your home? Simply bring it up to your home to see if it sits in perfectly with your home interior design!

No Large Crowds

With all the Covid-19 measures ongoing, our mobile showroom is perfect for those that want to avoid large crowd gathering places while shopping for a water purifier! Our mobile showroom consultation is by appointment-basis, catered to individual groups of customers per time.

Our professional team have their temperatures checked 4 times a day and will be wearing masks throughout the demonstration. The mobile showroom will also be disinfected after every demonstration.

Hot Off The Press

Still not convinced? Watch our Channel 8 interview below as they explain why our mobile showroom is getting increasingly sought-after!

No Obligations

Connect with our Ruhens Product Specialists who will take you on a journey through the different models and advise which is the most suitable for you and your home. The best part? Our mobile showroom booking is absolutely free!

So sit back, relax, and enjoy your Ruhens Mobile Showroom visit and home tour today. You can book your slots here:

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