5 Valuable Uses of Purified Water You Might Not Know

Having purified water right at the click of a button was once considered a luxury but leading edge technology has made it accessible for thousands of households today. While tap water is often safe to drink in many areas, trace contaminants such as heavy metals lead and copper may leach into the water, even in countries where public drinking water is closely regulated. With at-home water purification systems that can remove metals, chemicals and other contaminants, it is no secret what the incredible benefits of drinking filtered water are. In fact, there are many other practical uses of purified water that make a healthier lifestyle so much easier.

For Cooking and Food Preparation

Trace contaminants in tap water can be absorbed by the food and vegetables as you prepare it. By cooking, boiling or washing your vegetables or food with tap water, food as an organic matter will absorb the chemicals in these processes. If you’re using the Ruhens V series, you can use the quantity setting at 1.5 litres of ambient water to prepare your food, it will effectively help to wash unwanted chemicals in your food which will be beneficial for your family.

For your Pets

Our fur kids require the same care as humans for their well-being. Pets often will want to drink more filtered water because of its great taste (in general, water that is the cleanest, tends to taste the best), thereby reducing the chances of being dehydrated. Another massive benefit to purified water is an additional protection for your pet’s skin and fur by preserving their natural oils – particularly furry animals with allergies, skin conditions or other sensitivities. Yet, the tap water we have today contains high chlorine content that may actually dehydrate or irritate your pet’s hair, eyes and skin.

For Healthier Plants

Should you use filtered water for plants? Absolutely. While you may not be able to see it or taste it, one common unwanted chemical lurking in our tap water is chlorine. With activated carbon filters, water purifiers remove impurities like chlorine that’s harmful and potentially destructive to organic matters like your plants. Additionally, fluoride, a natural mineral that can be found in tap and drinking water, can be extremely sensitive for some plants. A convenient way to top-up your watering can would be direct from the tap, so if you’re have filtered water from the source, just like our undersink system, good for you!

For a Safer Environment For your Fishes

You don’t have to be a fish owner to know enough that the water filtration system and the climate we put our fishes in affects their lifespan and well-being. Fish take in water through their gills and the gills diffuse oxygen directly into their bloodstream. Tap water containing chemicals and minerals like chlorine and chloramines can harm and make the aquarium inhabitable, endangering your fishes. On top of reducing the amount of chlorine and chloramines levels, purified water also removes other harmful bacteria, micro plastics and other inorganic pollutants from the water, making it safe for your fish. Fresh water that’s free from impurities will increase the lifespan of fishes in a well-maintained aquarium.

For Longer Use of Homeware and Appliances

Have you noticed crust and gunk that builds up on your iron, humidifiers, kettles or other appliances at home? The dissolved minerals in unfiltered water will build up scale and crust in your devices and gradually reduce its effectiveness overtime. The scale buildup in humidifiers can make it smelly, crusty and mouldy to clean (and not to forget, unhealthy to breathe in mouldy water dispensed from the humidifier). Iron that uses filtered water lasts longer because it is free of minerals like calcium and magnesium concentrated with heat. With filtered water, you spend less time cleaning gunk from the nasty buildup and your appliances last longer.

On top of all these great uses of purified water, we can all agree that the most important one of them all is to promote hydration and stay healthy.

Water purifiers in Singapore have become more inexpensive to own and many homeowners are jumping on the bandwagon to have better control on the quality of water they have at home.

It’s easy to start today, especially when you have your own water purifier at home. You can check out the range of water purifier we offer here!

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5 Valuable Uses of Purified Water You Might Not Know
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