4 Unconventional Uses For Water Purifiers

With water purifiers nowadays you can easily and conveniently get hot and cold water, making it the best choice for families of all sizes. Apart from this, water purifiers has numerous other uses.

Read on to explore the different uses for water purifiers in your daily lives!

Food Preparation

Chlorine and rust from water pipes can absorb into your food as you are preparing it. Simply by washing and then cooking your vegetables in tap water, your food is absorbing some of that during that process.

Using purified water for your cooking, washing vegetables, salads, pasta and rice will effectively remove them, which in turn will prevent you from digesting any unwanted particles that may be found in tap water.

Healthier For Your Pets

It is a well known fact that our pets have much better senses than we do, including taste and smell. When you place a bowl of tap water in front of them you can be guaranteed that your pet can smell and taste the difference.

Like people, animals are made up mostly of water. Therefore, many animal experts will agree our pets should be given the same high-quality water that we drink, so they stay healthy and hydrated. This is especially true for pets who eat dry kibble, as they aren’t getting additional fluids from their food.

Better For Your Plants

Plants, just like us are organic matter. Tap water can be extremely dangerous to your plants’ health and how much or how quickly they grow. Water your plants with fresh, purified water today and see the difference.

Purified water allows the plant to absorb the hydration without the need to filter anything out — this makes growing much easier for your green friends!

Drinks Served On Purified Ice

We all have had ice with weird smells before. It is because the ice share the same air circulation systems as the fridge, absorbing the aromas from food. With the constant improvement of technology for water purifiers, an ice-making water purifier is one of the newest feature.

Purified ice perks up the flavour of your drinks and giving it a clean, crisp taste. Now you can easily get purified ice with just a touch of a button without actually going through the process of boiling and freezing water.

Find out how you can get your hands on the SG’s first and only ice-making water purifier here!

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