3 Reasons Why You Need Scented Filtered Shower Heads

Did You Know: in Singapore’s PUB waterworks, our tap water is treated and disinfected using chlorine. This chemical keeps our tap water free from bacteria and safe for drinking.

However, while it keeps the water germ-free, it can also cause eczema, dry skin and damaged hair when used for showering. Find out the benefits of aromatherapy and why you need to try Ruhens scented filtered shower heads!

Get Rid Of Skin-damaging Chlorine

While chlorine is highly effective at killing bacteria, it is toxic to humans. Even trace amounts of chlorine can have a profound effect on the body. When it washes over your skin it destroys the Vitamin E and other fatty acids that keep your skin soft and smooth. This can lead to dry skin, itchy skin, rashes, and even acne!

Having a filtered shower head, neutralizes the chemicals and leaves you squeaky clean with all the moisture your skin and hair desperately needs.

Infusing Water With Aromatherapeutic Scents

Aroma therapy is a natural type of therapy. The purpose of this therapy is to recover the balance of body and mind with scent and remedial effect of plants and to keep homeostasis. It uses aroma essential oil extracted from herbs and the origin of the scent is the treatment which heals the body and mind.

So what are the different scents that we have and what are their effects?

Lavender: This scent promotes calmness and wellness. It helps to relieve stress and its soothing scent helps you to sleep soundly at night!

Rose: This scent works as an antidepressant. It relaxes your mind & body, eliminating worries & anxiety with a beautiful & refreshing fragrance.

Lime: This scent helps the skin to detox, brings about a restorative effect. It also invigorates the user’s mind and keep them fresh & energetic after a shower.

Built-in Pharmaceutical Grade Vitamin C

Vitamin C is one of natures antioxidants. It is also helps strengthening the skins immune system which benefits skin health. When you take a shower with Vitamin C water, it will help make your dry skin moisturized and smooth.

Whichever shower head you choose, you can rest easier at night knowing that these scented aroma filters are constantly reducing chemical exposure for you. Not only will they keep you and your family safe from harmful toxins, but you will also notice the beneficial effects on your hair and on your skin too!

Available on our estore here, $138.03 nett for each Ruhens scented shower head in Lavender, Rose & Lime.

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