5 Valuable Uses of Purified Water You Might Not Know

Having purified water right at the click of a button was once considered a luxury but leading edge technology has made it accessible for thousands of households today. While tap water is often safe to drink in many areas, trace contaminants such as heavy metals lead and copper may leach into the water, even in […]

How To Clean and Maintain Your Water Purifier

how to clean and maintain your water purifier cover image

To ensure you keep getting clean and safe drinking water, it is important to clean and maintain your water purifier. Without proper maintenance and care, the water purifier will not function properly, and you may end up needing to spend and replace your water purifier. Here are some useful tips on how you can maintain […]

3 Tell-tale Signs It Is Time To Change Your Water Purifier’s Filters

A lot of items in your home make it pretty clear when they need to be replaced. Your chair leg broke off. Light bulbs burn out. Plates are still dirty after washing. Your water purifier’s filters isn’t as obvious, though. As long as the water runs when you turn on the faucet, you assume everything […]

3 Reasons Why You Need Scented Filtered Shower Heads

Did You Know: in Singapore’s PUB waterworks, our tap water is treated and disinfected using chlorine. This chemical keeps our tap water free from bacteria and safe for drinking. However, while it keeps the water germ-free, it can also cause eczema, dry skin and damaged hair when used for showering. Find out the benefits of […]

4 Unconventional Uses For Water Purifiers

With water purifiers nowadays you can easily and conveniently get hot and cold water, making it the best choice for families of all sizes. Apart from this, water purifiers has numerous other uses. Read on to explore the different uses for water purifiers in your daily lives! Food Preparation Chlorine and rust from water pipes […]

4 Tips To Choose The Best Water Purifier For Your Home

If you are in search for a water purifier for your home and you are overwhelmed by all the options in the market, fret not, let us give you advice on how to identify what you need in a one, as well as how to make the most of your selection. A water purifier is […]

Lazy To Head Out? We Bring The Showroom To You!

Ruhens Mobile Showroom

Ever heard of a water purifier mobile showroom? Think a pop-up store with water purifiers for you to try first hand – and it comes to you! Here are some reasons you should consider booking our Ruhens Mobile Showroom! Singapore’s First And Only Water Purifier Mobile Showroom When the Covid-19 situation escalated in January 2020, […]

7 Ways to Keep You and Your Home Healthy

When we think about our health, the natural inclination is to emphasise on good nutrition and exercise. More often than not, we spend less time focusing on how our environment can affect our wellbeing. Here are 7 tips on how to make you and your home a healthier one. Improve Quality Of Your Drinking Water […]

5 Myths About Air Purifiers You Should Stop Believing

The pandemic, combined with increased PSI readings around Singapore recently, has greatly increased the demand for air purifiers. However, myths and misconceptions can still make it difficult for consumers to decide if an air purifier is right for them. Here are a few of the most common air purifier myths we are debunking. 1. Air […]