Does Your Shower Hose Look Like This? Normal Shower Hose VS Ruhens Anti-Bacterial Shower Hose
Take a look at your shower hose in your bathroom. Does it look like this?

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Take a look at your shower hose in your bathroom. Does it look like this?

According to reports, the shower hose tube is one of the items that we use every day but often neglect and not clean. The old and unclean metal shower tube is dirtier and holds 12 times more bacteria than a public toilet! Water comes into contact with you everyday including bathing. However, cleaning or replacing the shower hose is something most people probably have missed. The shower hose can harbour mould, harmful bacterial, and rust attached on the surface of the shower hose. Well, we have a solution for you!

Introducing the Ruhens Anti-Bacterial Shower Hose!

Here are 3 main advantages that our shower hose have over a regular metal hose!

360-Degree Rotation

Are you bothered by the tangled shower hose every time while showering?

Ruhens Anti-Bacterial shower hoses uses a 360-degree rotation connection to prevent any form of entanglement. The end parts of our shower hoses are designed to rotate freely to prevent any kinks and twists.

Anti-Bacterial PVC Layered Materials

Our shower hose is engineered with 5 steps of protection.

1st step, primary anti-bacterial protection for the internal tubing. 2nd step, thermal resistance to resist all the heat from water daily. 3rd step, strong net knitting to prevent any inner tube rupture. 4th step, superior-grade PVC for flexibility and durability of hose. Last & final step, secondary anti-bacterial protection for the exterior tubing.

Quick & Simple Installation

Say goodbye to tedious replacement process, it only takes 5 seconds for you to install the Ruhens Anti–Bacterial Shower Hose!

Easy right?

At only SGD$24.50, you can now reduce the growth of bacteria and risk of harmful moulds & rusts on shower hoses for you & your family! Available now on Ruhens estore.

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