5 Reasons Why Water Purifier Sales Have Tripled In Singapore Over The Past 5 Years

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There is a great need for safe and clean drinking water in Singapore. And due to the convenience a hot & cold water purifier will bring to busy working Singaporeans, we’ll continue to see an increase in demand for water purifiers only continue to increase. As more people realize that bottled water isn’t always safe and that tap water can be contaminated, they’re turning to affordable at-home water purifiers.

Less Space And Slimmer Profile

The traditional bulky models are replaced by sleek designs and smaller footprints for water purifiers. Consumers are increasingly turning to compact water purifiers such as the popular RUHENS V-Series water purifiers, as they look for ways to reduce their load of heavy kitchen appliances. While there is no lack of demand for water purifiers in Asia, manufacturers have struggled with a shrinking market and a lack of innovation.

However, the situation has improved as manufacturers introduced more advanced models that cater to consumers’ needs. But there are also other factors at play here. First, as people become more health-conscious, they’re looking for ways to improve their diets and lifestyles while also being convenient, cost-efficient, and space saving solutions. This means they’re cutting out processed foods and sugary beverages, which often have little nutritional value and are full of artificial ingredients that can be harmful to your body.

Re-Mineralization For Taste And Health

Many people opt to get their drinking water from home-based systems instead of letting it flow straight from the tap. One reason for this is that many people seem to be concerned about the water that goes through the “raw” rusty pipes. Another reason is that many people are concerned about the taste of their water, which can often be unpleasant due to the chemicals used in its treatment.

Some water filter companies offer a solution to re-mineralize the purified water by adding magnesium or calcium. On top of that, one of the most popular factors that many consumers look for today is its eco-friendliness or energy-saving feature of water purifiers. The Ruhens MonoEco is one increasingly popular product as it requires NO ELECTRICITY to operate! 

Growing Need For Non-Polluted Water

The rise of healthy eating habits has led more people worldwide to start drinking filtered water instead of tap water or bottled water — both because it’s cheaper than other types of drinks and because it provides better hydration for your body.

Easily Add Carbonation To Purified Water For Sparkling Water

We’re used to thinking of carbonated water as a fizzy drink. But it’s also a great way to add some extra flavor and fizz to your purified water.

You can easily make sparkling water in your own home by adding a small amount of sugar syrup and carbon dioxide (CO2) gas to your drinking water. You can use this method to give your kids a healthier alternative to soft drinks and other sweetened beverages. It’s also a great way to make pure water more exciting and appealing.

This might be another direction that Ruhens is moving towards – fizzy filtered water!?

Future Growth

The water purifier industry continues to grow, to meet the increased need for high-quality drinking water, even in Asia. Ruhens is planning to introduce a few new types of products introduced in the future, which provide even higher quality water with the best water purifier in Singapore.

Find out more about the different type of Water Purifiers Ruhens offer here!

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