5 Common Mistakes People Make When Buying a Water Purifier
Health is wealth. Everyone likes to stay in the best of health. Regardless of the water source for your household, a water purifier is essential to ensure your family drinks pure, tasty, and healthy water.

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Health is wealth. Everyone likes to stay in the best of health. Regardless of the water source for your household, a water purifier is essential to ensure your family drinks pure, tasty, and healthy water. Sometimes, due to being less informed, we make mistakes when buying a water purifier.

Here are the common mistakes to avoid when choosing a water purifier.

1. Purchasing Not Based on Needs

You can buy a product because a sales agent convinced you to do so, or the product has excellent online reviews. You end up buying a good machine, but it only partially match your water needs. What do we mean? Read the 2 examples below!

Example A, Jake loves to drink coffee every morning and he loves it hot. When he was buying his water purifier, he did not find one with a hot function. In the end, despite spending thousands on a water purifier, Jake still have to boil water everyday to brew his coffee.

Example B, Mary has a toddler at home that needs milk everyday. When purchasing a water purifier, she did her research and found Ruhens V which has the perfect temperature for baby milk. Mary no longer has to mix hot & cold water for her baby’s milk, she can now get the perfect temperature with just a touch of a button, making her life so much more convenient.

Therefore, before purchasing a water purifier, remember to choose one that can satisfy all your water needs.

2. Not Tasting the Water Before Purchasing

Many people rush into buying a water purifier without first tasting the water. How the water will taste like depends on the type of filtration system and the types of filters in the water purifier. Trace amounts of metals like iron, copper, zinc, and lead can contribute to a tangy, metallic aftertaste of water. Water that is too alkaline has a bitter taste.

For Ruhens, our water purifiers all goes through 4-stages of water filtration, removing all harmful organic chemicals and water contaminants such as waterborne micro-organisms and bacteria. At the same time keeping all the natural minerals, ensuring our customers get the crème de la crème taste of purified water.

3. Not Checking After-Sales and Maintenance Procedures

Is buying a water purifier enough? No. You also have to check the maintenance, warranty and after-sales service of the brand. No one likes to invest in a water purifier with many complaints. So, before purchasing the appliance, read the reviews. If you find the after-sales response is improper, then it is unwise to buy from that brand.

It’s time to change your filters. So how do you do it? For Ruhens, our Ruhens V Series has an in-built filter indicator to inform you when your filters are due and your filters are self-changeable. Therefore, there are no servicing and maintenance costs, all you have to do is purchase new sets of filters and we will deliver it to you for free!

4. Not Checking Location to Place your Water Purifier

It is no use buying the water purifier and then finding it difficult to place in the home. A water purifier, you can keep either in the kitchen or in the living room. Another important thing to note is what kind of kitchen layout is in your home. Is it L-Shaped? U-Shaped? Island kitchen? One-wall kitchen? Furthermore, you need to place the appliance next to the water source and the electrical point. That’s a lot to think about right?

However, don’t be too worried! Our sales team have seen thousands of different kitchen layouts and are confident they can advise you on the best location for your home. Also, we provide free 1 x relocation & installing of your water purifier whenever you move house or decide to change up the layout of your home.

5. Budget Management

Sometimes cheap can be expensive. Many people are often enticed by more affordable products while paying less attention to what the machine can do. Some can function properly but lack longevity and even demand constant maintenance costs. Make sure you take all these into consideration when you are looking to invest in a water purifier.

In addition, if you feel that it is still too costly, fret not. Ruhens provides interest-free instalment plans up to 36 months for different banks such as OCBC, DBS, UOB and many more. You can assuredly enjoy all these benefits without breaking the bank at one go.

Interested in finding out more? Drop us a message or give us a call to schedule an appointment to view our models in a real-life home setting in our Showroom. Alternatively, you can book our Mobile Showroom, where we bring the showroom to you at your convenience.

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