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I feel that water filter is very important to me. Clean water not only to remain safe from diseases but also to maintain good health. The Ruhens V can dispense up to 5 Temperatures with tankless, a multi-temperature water purifier.
I love it when there's Quantity Control too, dispenses a fixed amount of water automatically – 120ml, 550ml, 1500ml, i always use it to refill my water bottle, but you can also dispense the water manually 🥰

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This is how I look like when I take water everyday 🙂 Really.
Loving my @ruhenssg V Water Purifier, been using it at my office so of course we need one at our new place!!! On top of it being filtered & clean, it's super convenient 'cause I can get hot & cold water instantly~ No need to boil water for morning tea anymore 😩🙏



Introducing the newest member of my family — the Ruhens V Water Purifier!

With up to 5 temperatures available, including temperatures specifically for milk, tea and coffee, it’s not only loved by me, but also the husband and Eliya! Be it ❄️ or 🔥 water, it’s available all day, instantly.