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Product Name Ruhens Air Purifier Healing
Model Name WHA-300
Power AC 220V / 60Hz
Power Consumption 33W
Product Size 275 (W) x 278 (D) x 710 (H) mm
Product Weight Approximately 7.3kg
Exclusive Area 49.5㎡
Manufacturer / Distributor Dongbong Co., Ltd.
Heal your house air as well as your mood.
Ruhens Air Purifier Healing WHA-300
Technique to eliminate deadly ultra fine dust!
Please give your family a clear and pure indoor air.
The Ruhens air purifier keeps the family happy.

  • Sleep
    Sets / clears the sleep mode .

  • Ion generation Cluster Turns the ion
    generation function on
    and off.

  • Turn the rotary grill
    ON / OFF

  • Schedule the timer operation time .

  • Lock Press the Sleep + Rotate button simultaneously for
    3 seconds to turn the lock function on
    / off.

  • Power off the product
    to ON / OFF.

  • Air Volume
    Set the air volume level .

Ruhens Air Purifier Healing WHA-300
Six-stage clean system to remove fine dust particles
99.9% removal of E. coli by cluster ionizer
Three-stage filter system
360 ° grille rotation cleaning function
One step advanced convenience function
  • Awarded $ 50 Million
    Export Tower

  • Won customer love brand award for 3 consecutive years

  • Korea Air Cleaning Association
    product quality certification

What is a CA certification mark?

In order to provide reliable indoor air cleaner to consumers, Korean Air Cleaners Association has introduced the important product performance of indoor air purifier, such as dust collection efficiency, deodorization efficiency, noise, application area and ozone concentration, It is a mark given only to the passed product after strictly testing it in. Products marked with this mark can be purchased with confidence.

Ruhens Air Purifier Healing to remove deadly dust
PM1.0, which can cause various respiratory diseases and health problems, as well as
bacteria, life odor and germs are thoroughly removed, and clean air is sent away
to make the indoor space more comfortable.

Ruhens 6th stage clean system
We promise a more pleasant and healthy indoor air with our unique clean technology.
  • Stage 1Removes various dust, fur and pollens
  • Stage 2Removes mold and dust and othe polluted matter
  • Stage 3Removes the bacteria and Ultra fine dust
  • Stage 4Removes various snatches
  • Stage 5Removes formaldehyde that couses house syndrome
  • Stage 6Removes 99.9% of Escherichia coli.

99.9% removal of E. coli by cluster ionizer
By releasing cluster ionizer into the air,
it effectively removes bacteria and odor such as E. coli, ammonia, etc., and
protects the health of the whole family by making comfortable air .

Powerful air purification through 6013 air holes and 4 suction

The 6013 air holes located on all four sides of the product
purify and clean the contaminated air in the spacious interior, including ultra fine dust.

360 ° grille rotation cleaning function

The 360 ° grill rotation of the cleaned air
maximizes the air circulation throughout the room by maximizing the distance from the top to the left and right.

Real-time air cleanliness display function
By applying a dust sensor that can detect PM2.5 (ultrafine dust)
, you can check the degree of air pollution at a glance.

Evolution of life changing technology, Lewens
More convenient features that are user-friendly will boost your life index
  • Air volume setting function
    Stage 1> Stage 2> Stage
    3 > Stage 4> Automatically
    adjusts the airflow to make room air
  • Timer setting function
    1 hour, 2 hours,
    4 hours, 8 hours, 12 hours,
    you can set the reservation time
  • Sleep mode function
    When the sleep mode is selected,
    the purifier operates with the lowest air volume
    and darkens the brightness of the display
    so that it does not interfere with the water.
  • Convenient movable handle
    Ergonomically designed
    it very convenient to use when moving the product .
The more exquisite design attracted the hearts