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WHP-1800 / WHP-1800S

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WHP-1800 / WHP-1800S

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Product Name Ruhens cold water purifier
Model Name WHP-1800 / WHP-1800S
Power Consumption AC 220V / 60Hz
Dimensions WHP-1800: 260 (W) x 365 (D) x 1100 (H) mm WHP-1800S: 260 (W) x 485
Usage 4 applicants 10ℓ / day
Product Weight WHP-1800: 20.8kg WHP-1800S: 16.3kg
- Appearance and specifications may be changed to improve product performance. - The filter replacement cycle may vary depending on the water usage.
More special water with nanofact filter!
Nanofact filters using NSF certified materials can remove bacteria and bacteria
as well as Norovirus causing food poisoning,
so you can use healthier water

Smart ECO automatic power saving function to
confirm reduce electricity costs borne
Nano Fact filter bacteria and as
took up a virus!
ECO What is the automatic power saving function? It is a function to save electricity consumption, it detects the brightness around the product
and automatically stops hot water function when the surroundings are dark like night,
thereby reducing unnecessary power consumption.

01. Perfect Hygiene System

Rugensu technology to design up to the invisible stage Four-stage safe hygiene system, clean water
  • Stainless steel water tank
    It is more resistant to heat than plastic water tanks and prevents the propagation of germs and is sanitary with more clean and safe.
  • Hidden Cork
    To minimize bacterial contamination caused by external air contact, the sanitary cap made of antibacterial ABS material can be easily rotated and replaced. Easy to replace and easy to clean at home.
    • 1

      Sediment filter

      This sediment filter reduces sediment particles such as dirt and sand down to nominal micron in size from feed water and protects membrane and pre-carbon filter.


    • 2

      Pre carbon filter

      This pre-carbon filter absorbs some of harmful Organic chemicals such as chlorine, bad taste and odor. The raw material of this filter is coconut based and aicd-rinsed


    • 3

      Nanofact filter

      This NanoFact Filter removes water contaminants such as waterborne micro-organisms and bacteria, virus byCellulose Nano fiber.


    • 4

      Alkaline filter

      This Alkaline filter absorbs some of harmful organic chemicals such as chlorine, bad taste and odor from feed water. This filter can reduce particles over 5.µm. This filter contains Mg fine particles and y this element, water passed this filter can be changed into mild alkaline water


02. Safety / Usability Features

  • Hot water safety button
    A simple and intuitive hot water safety button prevents hot water accident.
  • Convenient continuous watering function
    It is convenient to receive clear water at once.

03. Energy Saving Function

Smart water purifier that reduces waste of energy with smart automatic power saving function! Power saving feature saves electricity

Rugens ECO power saving function
The ECO function is a function to conserve power consumption . It automatically detects the brightness around the product and automatically stops hot water and cold water when the surroundings are dark, and adjusts display brightness to reduce unnecessary power consumption. When the area around the product becomes bright again like in the morning, it will automatically detect the ECO function and operate the product normally.

04. Sensational Design

The more you look, the more fun your eyes will look. SMART & PREMIUM