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Product Name Electric water purifier
Model Name WHP-010
Power AC 220V / 60Hz
Dimensions 197 (W) x 197 (D) x 400 (H) mm
Usage About 1000ℓ
Product Weight 3.4kg
Elegant and Compact
Space saving water purifier
No worries of secondary contamination
with tankless water purifier!

01. Perfect Hygiene System

Direct type system eliminates the possiility of secondary contamination with no water tank in Ruhen's direct water.
  • Direct type system
    It's almost impossible for germs to occur by having no water tank
  • Detachable hygiene guard
    Preventing Air Pollution from entering the which water purifier with ABS material hygiene guard is easily setachable by simply twisting the cap
    • 1

      Sediment Filter

      sediment filter reduces sediment particles such as dirt and sand down to nominal micron in size from feed water. it makes the water into mild alkaline


      Pre-carbon Filter

      Pre-carbon filter absorbs some of harmful organic chemicals such as chlorine, bad taste and odor. The raw material of this filter is coconut based and aicd-rinsed

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      U/F Filter

      The u/f filter removes contaminants from water such as waterborne micro-organism and human organic chemicals and etc


      Post Carbon Filter

      The post carbon filter absorbs some of harmful organic chemcials such as chlorine and VOCs pesticides and reduces the bad taste and odors

02. Compact In Size

Smaller than the A4 paper
Horizontal and vertical 197mm, size of on adult human's hands which does not need much of a space. With long horizontal tray, easy use of long water bottle

03. Elegant Design

Design that pleases the eye